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We are a RUSSIAN Underground Carder|Black Hat hackers, we use our method of hacking to get accounts of individuals all over the world, we operate withing the banking sector, providing Hacked Western Union Transfers to clients all over the World.
To avoid been traced we decide to sell the funds in those hacked accounts to our clients..
All Our Transfers are done using Our own offshore servers and Accounts so you have Nothing to worry about.
due to complains about rippers, We have decided to Create this site and Provide Legit Transfers to our clients.

We process a series of transfers from various hacked accounts to our wu Agents who then relay the funds to you. The result is that you receive clean funds. This makes it very safe and the service is very fast. We process the transfer and forward you your Western Union info without delay or issues.

Information Needed For Western Union Transfer
Recipients Full Name | First and Last Name
Recipients Location | City and Country
Recipients Mobile Number or Email
Transferring Western Union all over the world and it takes 10 - 20 minutes to get MTCN, Secret Question and Answer, Screenshot of Transaction + Other Relevant Details. All Our Transfers are processed Immediately payment has been Confirmed and funds are available for pickup in less than 20mins. You Will Get MTCN Code, Screenshot Receipt From Western Union Site with Every Other Relevant Information Included And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Westernunion Store in Your Location.
Our Terms and Conditions are Simple
We do not sell fake WU BUG SOFTWARE or MTCN GENERATOR, so don't even ask!
We definitely Don't give Test|Trial Transfers
We don't do Percentages, All Transfers are Paid For
We Only Accept Bitcoin Payments.
We don't care what you are Using the Funds for, after funds has been sent, you can buy a Hover board if you want!
We can only do 1 transfer in a week to same Customer.
ScreenShot Of Our Previous Transactions And Transfers

Please only mail globalhackers10@gmail.com for all transactions.
We don't sell fake WU softwarez, No percentages, No Trials| Test Transfers
We are not here to make friends, we are here for Strictly Business
If you have been Ripped Off Before from fake sites or Spammers and You don't trust US, there is absolutely no need contacting